A Recent Donation

Donations are the essence of our program and one way we work at sharing this wonderful instrument with the world.


Getting ukuleles into the hands of our island keiki ensures the legacy of the ukulele is passed to our future generations.


On Wednesday 12 August the principal and music teacher of Voyager school met at Kanile'a to pick up 25 ukulele (Ukes for Keiki) that UGH and Kanile'a jointly financed. Here are some of the students who received our donated ukes. The principal and music teacher were really excited at the learning opportunity this delivery will provide the kids. Joe and Kimo were able to jam a song or two to encourage the kids of what they might do with these ukes with lots of practice. Joe Souza led the group on a tour of his uke busi-ness, Kanile'a. This group is a music class from Voyager Public Charter School and the thankyou letter will be framed and displayed at Kanile'a.